Sustainable food and feed production

Nov 24, Wednesday 8:00 AMJoin Webinar

The second day will leave room for the theme of environmental impact in food and feed production through new sustainable production processes. In addition to climate change and the depletion of natural resources, the current system of food production is one of the main causes of the heavy environmental impact with activities closely related to breeding, transport, packaging and packaging. Achieving a sustainable food production system and reducing food waste are major global challenges that can help address growing food demand and produce food with high added value both from a sustainable and nutritional point of view.

Plenary lecture: Prof. Fabio Mencarelli University of PisaProcessing Smart Control for Sustainability
Dr. Corrado Ferrari Barilla G&R F.lli SpAShelf-life, sustainability and waste recovery relations in bakery food chain
Dr. Isabella Taglieri University of PisaInnovative and sustainable technologies for the production and preservation of natural leavening products
PhD student Alessandro Bianchi University of Pisa
Evaluation and extension of shelf-life with different packaging atmospheres applied to Tuscan bread
Fabio Mencarelli
Corrado Ferrari
Isabella Taglieri
Alessandro Bianchi
Daylan Amelia Tzompa-Sosa
Linda Abenaim
Silvia Tavarini
Federica Zanetti
Clarissa Clemente