Sustainable Agriculture to tackle climate change

Nov 23, Tuesday 8:00 AMJoin Webinar

The topics dealt with on the first day will leave room for environmental sustainability and the defense of biodiversity, through new strategies to increase resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses and to reduce inputs; with the aim of mitigating the negative effects of climate change (including erosion and soil degradation, reduction of biodiversity) and increasing, at the same time, the spread of conservative agricultural systems while respecting natural resources.

Welcome address: Prof. Marcello Mele University of PisaDirector of the Department of Agriculture Food and Environment
Plenary lecture: Prof. Daniele Antichi University of PisaAdaptation to and mitigation of climate change: challenges and innovations in sustainable farming
Dr. Lucie Büchi University of Greenwich Conservation agriculture or conservation practices: a case study of cover crops cultivation and reduced tillage in Switzerland
PhD student, Gagliardi Lorenzo University of PisaA possibility of integrating conservative organic agriculture techniques in vineyards and in multi-year horticultural systems for the management of weeds
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Daniele Antichi
Lucie Büchi
Lorenzo Gagliardi
Guido Lingua
Cela Fatjon
Maria Calogera Sciampagna
Nickolas Kavallieratos
Valeria Zeni
Philip T. Letwich
Camilla Tani