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Soil, Plant and Food - Agri-food waste Recovery and reuse

Nov 19



9:00 am

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The need forsustainable agriculture with a multidisciplinary approach is imperative to securefood for future generations. The organizers have held a series of workshops ofsix sections divided into two days, each section has a common topic on sustainableagriculture which links to the overall concept of sustainable agriculture,taking into consideration environmental, economic, social, and innovationalaspects. The theme for the firstday is "Soil, Plant, and Food: Agri-food Waste Recovery andReuse" and will be focus on the discussionabout the treatment and the reuseof residues from agro-industrial, food, forestry production processes, and how agro-industrial residues froma legislative point of view is consideredwaste, but it is importantto find alternative andmultidisciplinary strategies for their treatment and recovery using a circular economy approach. On the second day the theme will be "The role of sources,data analysis and digitalization for the agrifood sustainability", and will focus on the sustainability ofagriculture from the economic point of view and the digital technologies. In particular, the discussions will deal with topics ranging from processes for making food production sustainable, the possibility of tracing the level ofsustainability of agriculturalproduction, to the role of genetic improvement for sustainable agriculture, to the use of the biomass of agricultural origin in the framework of the circular economy.
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Marcello Mele & Andrea Cavallini
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Angela Zinnai
Susanna Bartolini
Luisa Pistelli
Monica Macaluso
Giovanni Antonio Lutzu
Tommaso Lotti
Carolina Chiellini
Juan C. Sanchez-Hernandez
Michelangelo Becagli
Francesco Barbagli